ATIM: Innovation Behaviour (IB)

Innovation Behaviour

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Alexander Kock
Date Tuesday, 13:30 – 15:10
Start April 13rd, 2021
Lecture room Digital (lectures with videos and individually announced digital live sessions)
Scope 6 CP, 4 SWS (Combined with Strategic Technology and Innovation Management)
Language English
Exam Oral Examination + Assignments
Examination Date Examination Dates
Contact Tim Feiter
Concept Interactive Lecture + Case Studies + Assignments + Guest Lectures
Content This lecture covers informal and individual aspects of innovation. The overcoming of innovation barriers and the implementation of innovations in a business or a market requires creativity and strong commitment of individual persons. Especially informal factors of the corporate culture, collaboration and leadership are of great importance aside from formal structures and processes. Therefore, in the class the nature of innovation initiatives as well as barriers are fathomed and different role models of innovators (promotors, champions, boundary spanners, etc.) are introduced. Furthermore, organizational and management related vectors on individual creativity are covered, which are of great importance, especially in early innovation stages. Finally, the cooperation of cross-functional innovation teams will be focussed.
Literature Relevant literature will be announced during the lecture.
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