Project in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management – Business Challenge

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Alexander Kock and Prof. Dr. Carolin Bock
Entry Requirements Die Anzahl der Plätze ist begrenzt. Es wird eine Teilnehmerauswahl durchgeführt. Bitte melden Sie sich für die Teilnahme am Auswahlverfahren entsprechend Ihres Studienganges auf die jeweilige Kleingruppe via Tucan an. Beachten Sie den entsprechenden Anmeldezeitraum vom 1.9. bis 16.10.
The course has a limited capacity. A selection of participants will be made. In order to take part in the selection process, please register for the respective group via Tucan according to your study program. Please note the registration period from September 1st to October 16th.
Start Lecture kick-off via Zoom: The date and the Zoom Link will be provided via Moodle in advance.
Contact Tim Feiter
  • Joint course with the Entrepreneurship department
  • Lecture kick-off via Zoom
  • Challenges provided by renowned companies and startups
  • Recoreded lectures provided via Moodle
  • Virtual workshops: Design thinking & scenario analysis
  • Final (virtual) presentation of solutions and business cases in front of company representatives
Scope 6 CP, 4 SWS (semester hours per week)
Language English
Content In the course “Project in Entrepreneurship / Innovation Management”, students will face theory-based and practical challenges within an explicit entrepreneurship and innovation context. Exemplary applications in the area of entrepreneurship can be specific topics, such as analyzing entrepreneurial concepts within specific industry settings or opportunity recognition. Applications in the area of technology and innovation management comprise the derivation of management implications for current challenges such as digitalization and corporate foresight. In order to overcome the projects’ challenges, the students should resort to established methods such as design thinking, sensitivity analyses, or scenario analyses. The tasks within the framework of the project are set either by the provision of dedicated technologies, or by challenges from explicit companies.
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